Living Permaculture Posters and Handbook Now Available

Are you interested in building a solar oven? Or in making shack insulation from cardboard to keep the house cool? We have produced a set of posters and a handbook especially for shack dwellers featuring various Permaculture inspired solutions and ideas to help improve your home. The material features prototypes of solutions for everyday living, aimed at general problems found in informal settlement life – water supply, sanitation, heat and cold in dwellings. This includes the solar oven, grey water filter and shack insulation. With the step by step instructions included, you will be able to build your own solutions at home. In the handbook you will also find ideas for backyard gardening and home improvement.

You can download the posters and handbook here. Soon you will also be able to collect a hardcopy at Farm Okukuna, selected City of Windhoek institutions and at the Shack Dwellers Federation Centre in Hakahana.

The Windhoek Tippy Tap Challenge is Won!

The Windhoek Tippy Tap Challenge is won! The initiative has built 2298 tippy taps in Windhoek’s informal settlements in only three weeks. 2020 taps were the goal.

28 producers who all live in the informal settlements built the hand washing devices in their neighbourhoods. Mainly recycled materials were used. The initiative’s website lists all tippy taps, show photos of them and explains the device and how to use it in English, Afrikaans and Oshiwambo.

Washing hands with soap has been the most important advice to stay safe from COVID19. A tippy tap is therefore a good solution for living situations without running water. For a tippy tap, a water container hangs on a frame and is connected with a string to a pedal on the ground. When pushing the pedal with your foot, the container tips and water runs. You can now wash your hands without touching a tap.

The initiative is part of the “Living Permaculture” project which supports innovative design and develops solutions for everyday living in informal settlements. Most of the producers have been working with the project for a while and have had the chance to gain experience in designing and building prototypes for solutions like household grey water filters or solar ovens.

Leaders of Change and Innovation graduate in Goreangab

Shack dwellers from Windhoek, Gobabis and Dordabis graduated from a dedicated Permaculture course at Farm Okukuna in Goreangab today. The training is part of the “Living Permaculture” project, an initiative funded by the Southern African Innovation Support Fund (SAIS). The project innovates and designs Permaculture inspired solutions together with shack dwellers. Grey water filters, solar oven, shack insulation and dry toilet systems are the first solutions that have been set up at Farm Okukuna in Windhoek this week.

City of Windhoek Councillor Ananias Niizimba thanked the graduates for their commitment: “Thank you for coming to Farm Okukuna, for engaging and learning. I expect you to go out and be leaders of change and innovation in your communities,” he said at the graduation ceremony.

Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles for “human-centred” landscapes. Its intelligent, integrated and holistic approach has made Permaculture one of the fastest growing grassroots movements around the world.

“Permaculture minimizes external inputs and sets up closed systems – a great approach for people who do not have money,” explains Ina Wilkie, the project coordinator. “We are very proud that we can bring this innovative design system to Namibia. Over the coming months we will explore, design, test and communicate Permaculture inspired solutions and introduce them to different informal settlements in Namibia.”

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